Аэратор с LED подсветкой

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Аэратор с LED подсветкой Features Special design of jetting equipment, soluble with high oxygen Low Noise, Low Heat! Small Size and Energy-saving for long lifetime! Provides a natural ecological environment for your halobios. Idea for fresh or saltwater water Suitable for DIY more bubble skimmer Moonlight value! A Blue LED included Sutiable for re-born your live rock or open a new tank for increase the bacteria in your tank If your home power is sudden off, you can connect this air pump to AC/DC battery for emerency use, The submetsible air pump can make flow to "Push" the air bubble with oxygen in your tank everywhere! Provides live for your fish/reef or plants Specification Voltage 220 - 240W 50/60Hz, Safetly for 12V voltage Size : 93x 88 x 73mm Flow Rate 400Litres Availability: Weight: 1 kg

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