Ловушка для планарий

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Ловушка для планарий Planaria / Worm is a non-parasitic flatworm that could exist in our shrimp tanks due to lack of fish.They attach and eat any just molted and vulnerable shrimp. In order to remove these unpleasent organism, we can use this catcher to remove planaria without chemical or medication. Description: Brand new & high quality So easy to remove planaria without chemical or medication Two ends holes diameter: Approx. 0.8cm Two ends total diameter: Approx. 3cm Total Length: Approx. 11cm Material:Acrylic Instruction: 1.Put some meat or fodder that the planaria worm love into the trapper 2.The planaria / worm will follow the smell to crawl in thetrapper from the round holes 3.When they eat their fill, they could not crawl out of the trapper Package Includes: 1x Planaria trapper


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